Mũi khoan EXOPRO WHO-Ni


The Ultimate in Drilling Performance for Hardened Steels and Nickel Alloys

The EXOPRO® WHO-Ni drill series is OSG's premium performance drilling line for processing Ni-Alloys and Heat Resistant Super Alloys like Inconel 718. This latest innovation from OSG features our own proprietary WXS nano-coating, which has been developed by OSG specifically for high heat applications. Lower helix angles increase point rigidity while internal coolant holes further aid in heat resistance and stable chip evacuation in holes up to 5X diameter.

  • OSG's WXS Nano Coating Technology
  • Lower helix angle
  • Internal coolant holes
  • Higher coating oxidation temp & hardness dramatically improve wear resistance in high hardened and high heat materials.
  • Lower helix angles create stronger cutting faces, essential when cutting Ni-Alloys and hardened steels.
  • Coolant delivery at the cutting edge reduces heat and improves chip evacuation, thereby increasing tool life and enabling faster drilling speeds.
  • Nickel Alloys (Inconel, Waspaloy), Heat Resistant Super Alloys, Hardened Steels 40-55HrC
  • Holes up to 3X diameter in depth, where coolant-through is an option.
  • Any application where productivity and the lowest cost-per-hole is the goal.

 Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9vw8dTqz6M

Application Guide                                                                                good     best

Work Material
Aluminum : 6061, 7075  
Aluminum : Casting  
Cast Iron

Carbon Steel

Alloy Steel and Die Steel

Stainless Steels : 300  
Stainless Steels : 400  
Stainless Steels : 17-4PH  
Hardened Steels : ~45 HrC

Hardened Steels : 45-50 HrC

Hardened Steels : 50-70 HrC

High Heat Materials : Ti-Alloy  
High Heat Materials : Inconel & Waspaloy

Copper Alloy  

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