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Special Coverage of TaeguTec’s Platinum Jubilee Anniversary

As we embark on an exciting future, we must take time to remember our history. For the past 100 years, we have been making the impossible possible by creating cutting tools, industrial products and industrial powders that help shape the landscape of the industrial world.

TaeguTec (previously KTC) has survived in a country that was severely affected by foreign occupation, famine, poverty, a devastating war to emerge as one of the leading metalworking companies not only in Asia, but now the world.

Like the Korean Miracle, TaeguTec keeps upgrading itself by investing into its people, manufacturing processes and research and development with the goal of supplying the most technologically advanced metalworking products available.

For the last 100 years, TaeguTec has played a leading role in shaping innovation and manufacturing across a wide variety of industries such as automotive, mold and die, aerospace, windmill, military, power generation and so on.

With its roots in the cold, hard tungsten mines of Gangwon Province, Korea, TaeguTec has grown to include a global presence that is found in 48 locations around the world.

Its 2,200 employees worldwide not only help to produce, create, develop, administer, service and sell products, but also work with their partners to find the best solution that cuts cost and increases productivity.

Like our products, which mirror the success of our home country, our history tells the story of strength, durability, sustainability, resilience, cooperation and an attitude that places people, services and products ahead of the bottom line - a philosophy that will continue for centuries to come.

To get a better understanding of the company and what made us, visit Our History and Photo Gallery.

Join us this year at events, activities, seminars and visit our booths at exhibitions around the world to not only check out our products but also discuss with our people as well as discover moments that will inspire to create greater things.

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