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Dao phay mặt ChaseSpeed
Dao phay mặt ChaseSpeed
Ceramic cutter “CH” system with ceramic dimple insert 

» The exceptionally strong and unique clamping system provides security and reliability 
    when clamping the dimple ceramic insert 
» The advanced ceramic grade in combination with the clamping mechanism will deliver 
    consistent performance and extended tool life
» The new AS20 grade has been specifically developed to machine a wide range of exotic alloys 
    including inconel, waspaloy and rene
» AS20 performs at high speeds similar to those of whisker ceramics but offers a low cost 
    solution with no compromise in performance 

Dao phay mặt ChaseOcto
Dao phay mặt ChaseOcto



» For economical eight-edged milling with no compromises 
   - ChaseOcto has a proven track record 
» An extensive range of inserts covers every conceivable milling application
   (EMR, -MR, -EM, -M, -EML, -ML, -Round and AL) 
» High-shear positive inserts ensure less vibration and reduce power consumption 
» Round inserts for die and mould industry can also fit the ChaseOcto line
» The super high positive ground and polished inserts are available for aluminum milling applications 

Dao phay mặt Hexa2Mill
Dao phay mặt Hexa2Mill
The optimum solution for cast iron and steel machining

» Economical 12 cutting edge insert with simple screw and wedge clamping
» Two types of screw-clamping cutters are available for steels and cast iron- 45 degrees for normal applications and 
   15 degrees for high feed applications 
» The angled approach of the screw-clamping system improves rigidity and clamping for fine pitch cutters
» Another super fine pitch 45 degrees wedge clamping cutter is available for cast iron milling with the same inserts used in 
   screw-clamping cutters
» Increased insert thickness (6.35 mm) for a more robust insert designed for higher feed rates 
Dao phay mặt ChaseQuad
Dao phay mặt ChaseQuad



» Wide range of tools for counter boring, spot facing, drill milling, plunge milling and end milling.
   ChaseQuad line also comes in extended flute end mills for the die and mold industry.
» Five sizes of inserts cover the entire range of operations
» SPMG inserts are available with chipbreakers and sharp edge geometries for drilling
» SPMT inserts with a strong cutting edge are used for general milling and roughing applications 

Dao phay mặt Chase2Quad Dao phay mặt Chase2Quad
Dao phay mặt Chase2Quad
Chase2Quad_8D 45 Line
For heavy machining

» Eight cutting edges per insert for economical machining
» Maximum depth of cut 8.8mm with 45°entering angle
» Diverse cutter types for various applications 

Chase2Quad_8D 90 Line
Finish mill combination type
High speed machining of cast iron

» The combination of CBN and ceramic produces high-speed machining 
    that leads to high productivity
» Ceramic inserts should be used with the fixed pockets and the CBN inserts on the adjustable pockets
» When applying the ceramic insert, please use a torque-adjustable wrench 
   (torque less than 3N recommended)
» CBN inserts can be reground 
Dao phay rãnh TopSlot Dao phay rãnh TopSlot
Dao phay rãnh TopSlot
Slot mill line with ZNHT & SLOT insert
» Smooth and light cutting from positive chip former
» Robust insert design with four corner cutting edges (2 right / 2 left corners)
» Precision ground inserts for high accuracy 

● Animation Video View (ZNHT)
● Animation Video View (SLOT)
● Machining Video View (ZNHT)
● Machining Video View (SLOT)
● High Speed Camera Video View (ZNHT)

Slot line with ZNHU insert
Economical double sided insert
» Standard slot width 10-26mm (fixed and adjustable type)
» Double sided durable insert with high positive rake angle for smooth cutting action
» Robust insert design with four corner cutting edges (2 right / 2 left corners)
» Simple, strong & stable adjustment mechanism with innovative design with fewer components 

● Animation Video View
● Machining Video View
● High Speed Camera Video View


New slotting line with 3-edge mill grooving inserts

» Three cutting edges insert for economy: one cutting edge breaks, two remain
» Two cutter types - General type width of cut: 1.2-4.0 mm
                              - “B” type width of cut: 4.01-6.0 mm
» Cutter designed with a bottom relief for shallow face machining 

● Machining Video View

Dao phay cầu phá thô bước tiến cao
Dao phay cầu phá thô bước tiến cao
High feed rough ball
Triple feed rates for roughing and semi-roughing applications
» Effective three flute design enables high feed machining to enhance productivity
» Unique double-sided insert with two cutting edges
» A highly stable cutting performance with thick cutting edges
» Built-in through coolant generates excellent chip evacuation

Dao phay mặt LionMill
Dao phay mặt LionMill
For heavy machining
Four cutting edges with 60 degree & 90 degree entering angle line
» New dovetail wedge design ensures stable and strong clamping
» Excellent chip control due to wide chip evacuation system
» Reinforced durability credit to thick shim

Dao phay mảnh dao xẻ rãnh
Dao phay mảnh dao xẻ rãnh

High Speed Camera Video View (ChaseMill)

» Chip splitter type inserts reduce cutting force during heavy milling
- Reduces cutting load - high table feed can be achieved
- Reduces vibration and noise
» Insert’s helical cutting edge geometry enables double feed rates
» Improves chip evacuation(chip split into small pieces) and reduces heat generation
» Splitter inserts mount on standard cutters without modifications
» Enables high feed rate at deeper depth of cut in general 90˚milling

Machining Video View (MillRush)
High Speed Camera Video View (MillRush)

» Chip splitter cutting edge generates smaller chips with low cutting force and create complete cutting edges when combined
» For optimum machining efficiency, use even numbered flute cutters

Dao phay mặt Chase2Hepta
Dao phay mặt Chase2Hepta
New milling solution for general machining of cast iron and steel
» 45° entry angle face mill available with 14 corner economical double sided inserts
» Ideal solution for rough machining on cast iron and steel
» Efficient and smooth machining credit to its positive cutting edge geometry that lowers
cutting loads during rough machining

Animation Video View
Machining Video View
High Speed Camera Video View

Dao phay mặt ChaseHepta
Dao phay mặt ChaseHepta

A new positive multi corners milling line

» Economical 7-corner cutting edges
» Higher insert thickness means better rigidity
» Smooth machining with a helical cutting edge
» Optimized chip formers for various workpieces
- M type: for steel & cast iron
- ML type: for stainless steel & difficult-to cut materials

Dao phay cầu Chase2Ball
Dao phay cầu Chase2Ball
Optimized double sided inserts for rough milling
» Six cutting edges promote economy and productivity in cast iron and tool steel
» Low cutting resistance credit to half effective flute design
» Thick inserts (8mm) enable stable machining
» Insert design with high positive cutting edges
» Excellent performance in heat treated steel and welded components

Dao phay cầu gắn mảnh DuetBall
Dao phay cầu gắn mảnh DuetBall
An excellent choice for rough & semi-finish profile milling
» Dovetail mechanism clamping provides increased security and insert clamping
» High helix cutting edge for smooth milling
» Economical double sided insert
» One insert type for both internal and external pockets means improved economy and inventory control

Animation Video View
Machining Video View

Dao phay khuôn Chase2Mold
Dao phay khuôn Chase2Mold
Economical double sided round inserts
» Unique double-sided round inserts available in shred & conventional type
» New insert and cutter pocket structure for strong & robust clamping (Anti-rotating system)
» When machining with a long overhang cutter, it is recommended that
the shred type insert is used to reduce the cutting load

Animation Video View
Machining Video View

Dao phay cầu gắn mảnh Fineball
Dao phay cầu gắn mảnh Fineball
Accurate profile machining
» High helix cutting edges guarantee smooth and stable cutting
» The FineBall demonstrates excellent run-out and precision due to its optimised design
» Internal coolant system promotes excellent chip evacuation and prolongs tool life
» FineBall inserts asymmetric structure is designed for accurate clamping
» Enhanced contact area between insert and cutter body improves clamping and rigidity
» A symmetric structure of insert and holder enables accurate clamping

Animation Video View
Machining Video View

Dao phay ChaseMold
Dao phay ChaseMold
RYMX/RYHX series
For contour, copy and radius milling of mold & die applications and any other demanding
operations such as roughing for aerospace parts and heavy industrial products,
customers can obtain the following benefits:

» The thick insert and extremely strong screw system on the new ChaseMold line
make it suitable for heavy or demanding applications
» Reliable machining even under difficult conditions
» Inserts designed with new geometry for optimal tool life


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