Dao phay cho Chase2Mill

90 degree line with 4 cutting edges
Chase2Mill 4NKT

» True 90° shoulder milling
» High axial and radial positive geometry
» High ramp down angle
» A fine pitch cutter for high productivity machining
» Capable of multiple milling applications

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Machining Video View
High Speed Camera Video View

90 degree line with 4 cutting edges
Chase2Mill (90 line) AN11 Series

» 90 degree cutter with 4 corner indexable inserts
» High density cutter maximizes productivity
» High positive cutting edges - smooth cutting action
» Thick insert design - stable and reliable performance
» Two insert options
.. ANHX 11: Full ground edge - High precision type
.. ANMX 11: High edge security - Economical choice
» Ground edge & top polished insert available for aluminum machining

90 degree line with 4 cutting edges
Chase2Mill (90 line) AN16 Series

» Various insert types enable a wider range of applications
» Expansion ML/MR & AL insert types have been added to the current M geometry line
» ANMX 16 press to size inserts designed for economical solutions
» The extended flute cutters and modular head offer more comprehensive cutting options

Chase2Mill_4D 45 Line
45 degree line with 4 cutting edges
Chase2Mill AN16 line 45° entry angle

» Combination of high positive insert with 45° entry angle: extremely smooth and silent cutting action
» High helix 4 corner insert
» Excellent surface finish with wide wiper flat
» Maximum 8.4mm depth of cut
» Full ground periphery

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