Dao tiện rãnh Taegutec

TopCut- Dao tiện chi tiết nhỏ
TopCut- Dao tiện chi tiết nhỏ

Compact turning tools for swiss-type CNC lathes
Turning, back turning, reverse turning, threading, parting & grooving

» Excellent surface finish and repeatability credit to high precision ground inserts
» Ultra fine, ground cutting edge prevents micro-chipping and promotes longer tool life

Dao tiện rãnh QuadRush
Dao tiện rãnh QuadRush

4 cutting edges with chip breaker for grooving, parting and recessing

» Four cutting edges with J, C, and S type chip breakers
» TQJ and TQC are for excellent chip control and high quality surface finish grooving
» TQS is for various widths and special insert geometries

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Dao tiện rãnh TopMicro
Dao tiện rãnh TopMicro

Internal turning, back turning, profiling, grooving, chamfering and face machining of small diameters

» Internal machining from Ømin 0.6mm
» Best solution for internal turning, profiling, grooving and face machining
especially on small diameters
» TiAlN coating for extended tool life
» Shank diameters: 4, 7mm
» Internal coolant channel through the body directly to the cutting edge
» Promotes better chip evacuation and longer tool life

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