Đầu đo Millimar P1300 TA

Vendor: Mahr

Millimar P1300 TA

Art. no. 4400190

Inductive probe Millimar P1300 TA
Compatibility: Tesa
Measuring range mm: ± 2 mm
Vacuum lifter (standard option)
Measuring force (N): 0,75 N +/- 0,15 N
Package contains: test certificate, instruction manual, spanner for preliminary stroke setting, hose connector for compressed air

  • Tesa compatibility
  • Tesa half-bridge technology
  • Very easy to service: cables and probes can be separated via the plug-in connector
  • Easy to convert to pneumatic lifting
  • Measuring pin mounted in rotary stroke bearing
  • Chemical resistance data: resistant to oil, gasoline, water and aliphatic compunds. Moderately resistant to acids, bases, solvents and ozone
Millimar P1300 TA | Art. no. 4400190
Measuring range from -2 mm
Measuring range up to 2 mm
Product type P1300 TA
Distance of lower stop MIN -2.2 mm
Distance of lower stop MAX 0 mm
Distance of upper stop MIN 2.2 mm
Distance of upper stop MAX 4.4 mm
Lifter / retraction Vacuum lifter (standard option)
Measuring force (N) 0,75 N +/- 0,15 N
Increase in measuring force 0,3 N/mm
Sensitivity deviation 0.3 %
Repeatability fw (µm) 0.1 µm
Measuring value hysteresis fu (µm) 0.5 µm
Linearity deviation within +/- 0,5 mm 1 µm
Linearity deviation within +/- 1,0 mm 3 µm
IP protection category IP 64
Cable length 2.5 m
Operating temperature Min 10 °C
Operating temperature Max 40 °C
Storage temperature MIN -10 °C
Storage temperature MAX 80 °C
Temperature coefficient 0.15 µm/°C
Compatibility Tesa
Dimensions a 94.2 mm | b 61.9 mm | c 107.2 mm | d 133.6 mm |

 Dimensional drawing 1

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