Mũi khoan tâm gắn mảnh insert


i-Center indexable center drill ( patented )
The world's first indexable center drill.
Shortens set up and center drilling time.
Increases tool life, which reduces tooling cost.


NC 2033: K20F grade carbide insert and TiAlN coated for carbon steel, alloy steel, high alloy
steel, cast iron and Al, Al-alloy, Cu, Cu-alloy.
2 cutting edges, high performance for center drilling.
Metric sizes: DIN 332 A+B, DIN 332 R , Ø1~Ø10 mm
Inch sizes: ANSI (BS) #2 ~10
Special inserts are available on request

The “ i-Center ” is a trademark of Nine9,
the developer of the first indexable center drill.
Offering an indexable insert system for the 1st time, Nine9’s “
i-Center ” patented design provides the benefit of solid carbide
cutting parameters while delivering -

High Speed, High Feed
High Performance speed
and feed can be achieved
due to the specially ground
inser t and rigid holder
design. For example, for
drilling Ø3.15mm hole on
alloy steel, running at 6000
r.p.m. and feed rate 600
mm/min. (0.1mm/rev.)
Easy Tool Length Setting
The axial position accuracy
o f t h e i n s e r t i s 0 . 0 5
m m ( . 0 0 2 ” ) . I t i s n o t
necessary to reset the tool
length when changing insert
or cutting edge.
Excellent Repeatability
Th e i n s e r t i s s e c u re l y
positioned by two locating
pins and clamped by one
insert screw at the center.
The positioning repeatability
of the inser t i s w i t h i n
0.02 mm(.0008”) in radial
direction, thus ensuring
conformity to any national
Extended Tool Life
Coolant can be supplied
t h r o u g h t h e c e n t e r o f
the holder to increase
performance and extend
tool life. Insert geometry,
grades and coating process
are specifically engineered
for centering applications.
Universal and Easily Fitted
with Any Available Shank
The tool holder is made of
high alloy steel, hardened
and ground to h6 tolerances
with a flat. It’s easy for both
stationar y and rotating

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